Changes to your upcoming appointment

While COVID-19 restrictions are slowly being lifted, health experts are continuing to recommend social distancing and the use of telehealth for health/medical consultations, particularly for those at high risk.

Considering I work with many people with chronic health conditions, whose health is more likely to be affected if they contract the virus, I am continuing to conduct all consultations via telehealth for the next few months, while we wait to see the impact of relaxing restrictions and can be sure that community spread remains low. I feel that this is currently the safest option for everyone.

I have been conducting all of my consultations via telehealth (videoconference or telephone) over the past three months and the feedback has been positive. In fact, most who have used this option are keen to continue telehealth consultations as they appreciate the convenience and saving of time and travel.

Mette or I will be in contact by phone shortly to discuss the arrangement for your next appointment.  However, if you are happy to change to a phone or video consultation please let us know.  Or if you have any questions you can call Mette in the office on 0416 747 747, email or email me directly

With best wishes, Kate