The Low GI Eating Plan for an Optimal Pregnancy

Cover ImageThe Low GI Eating Plan for an Optimal Pregnancy:  The Authoritative Science-Based Nutrition Guide for Mother and Babis the US version of the Bump to Baby Diet, adapted specifically for the US market.  The book provides practical advice for mums-to-be on how eating a low-GI diet can help you enjoy a healthy pregnancy, avoid gestational diabetes and give your baby the best start in life.

The Low GI team of experts are back with advice on how to optimise your diet – pre-conception, during pregnancy and once your baby has been born to ensure a healthy baby and a healthy mum. Studies have shown that being overweight when pregnant can increase your risk of gestational diabetes and can also lead to health problems for your child, including childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes.

The book includes information on:

  • why eating a healthy low-GI diet before you conceive is important
  • what to be aware of once you’re eating for two including key nutrients for pregnancy and food safety
  • dealing with common pregnancy problems such as morning sickness and constipation
  • how to ensure your weight gain is healthy
  • the importance of blood sugars in pregnancy and why gestational diabetes is a big deal
  • breastfeeding and introducing solids
  • low GI eating guidelines for pregnancy, including sample menu plans
  • exercise tips for pregnancy
  • 50 quick and easy pregnancy-friendly recipes

Authors: Professor Jennie Brand-Miller, Dr Kate Marsh, Professor Robert Moses
Publisher: The Experiment
ISBN: 9781615190829
RRP: US$15.95
Published: April 2013

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