07/21 to present              Member of the Diabetes Australia Health Professional Advisory Council 

03/19 to present              Member of the International Journal of Disease Reversal & Prevention (IJDRP) editorial board

04/16 to present              Member of Guideline Development Group for International PCOS Evidence-Based Guideline

10/15 to present              Member of PCOS Centre for Research Excellence (CRE) Translation Committee

10/15 to present              Chair, ADEA Magazine Editorial Advisory Group (EAG)

06/14 to 07/16                  Chair, ADEA Clinical Practice Committee (CPC)

08/13 to 09/17                  DAA Representative on ADEA/ADS Medical Education Scientific Advisory Council (MESAC)

08/12 to present              Member, Type 1 Diabetes Network Expert Advisory Group

06/12 to 04/16                   Diabetes Counselling Online (DCO) Advisory Group

05/12 to 05/13                   JDRF Straight to the Point Book Editorial Advisory Committee

02/12 to 08/12                   ADEA Nutrition Policy Working Group

11/11 to 12/19                   Board member of Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine (ASLM); previously ALMA

03/11 to 12/15                   Member, DAA Practice, Education & Professional Development Advisory Committee (PEPDAC)

10/09 to 08/11                   Member, National PCOS Alliance

08/09 to 11/15                   Co-chairperson, DAA National Diabetes Interest Group

07/09 to 4/11                     Member, ADS Type 1 Diabetes Guidelines Expert Panel Working Group

03/09 to 07/09                   DAA Representative, Type 1 Diabetes Opinion Leaders Group

11/07 to 04/16                   Board member, Diabetes Counselling Online (DCO)

03/06 to present              Member, Diabetes Management Journal (DMJ) Editorial Committee

09/05 to present              Member, ADEA Magazine Editorial Advisory Group (EAG)

02/04 to 01/19                  Chairperson, DAA National PCOS Interest Group (discussion group from 2011)

10/03 to 03/06                   Member, DAA-NSW Diabetes IG Dietetic Practice Guidelines Working Party

02/02 to 12/08                   Co-ordinator, Diabetes Australia-NSW Young Peoples Group

01/02 to 12/06                   Member, Young People with Diabetes (YPWD) Consultative Committee

05/01 to 10/03                   DAA Representative to Glycemic Index Symbol Program (GISP) Committee

01/00 to 01/19                   Chairperson, DAA National Vegetarian Interest Group (formerly NSW IG)

01/98 to 12/01                   DAA Representative to DA-NSW Health Care & Education Committee (HCEC)